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Commercial Impact Windows

professional commercial impact windows

We cater to those businesses in the commercial sector who wishes to add extra protection to their storefronts and windows. While many may think they are protected, we cannot account for the damage that comes from storms and the debris flying around. With our impact windows installed we can save businesses by adding protection to their windows in the event a storm occurs and there may be extreme winds carrying dangerous debris around that could potentially damage your storefront.

Can Impact Windows Break?

It is possible for impact to break, as these windows solely have the purposes of resisting impact and being able to handle a strong impact against the windows. It has been carefully designed to handle a heavy blow or hit against the windows, that’s why it has been called impact windows. Impact windows can highly benefit your business, especially during hurricane season. These types of windows have been widely used with cars windshields and homes. We highly recommended having your impact windows installed for your businesses benefit today. If you want to know more about the benefits of impact windows and how they can benefit your business, call us today for more information.

Are Impact Windows Stronger Than Shutters?

While there may be a vast difference between the two, shutters and impact windows are different. Besides differing in the price it can work together as well. You could install shutters to give your windows a higher chance of not breaking, these shutters assist your impact windows form any damage that could be caused. However, while there are differences, both of them protect your home from impact of storms. They are both great investments to make for your business, or home.

Are there Different Grades of Impact Windows?

There are different grades of impact windows available for your use, you can find them in aluminum, vinyl and wood, these are the three main types. These materials have been carefully chosen as those that can withstand a storm and serve as some sort of protection whether it’s for your home or business. We will assist you with choosing the correct type of materials for your business and which you would prefer. We understand that all our clients’ budgets are different as this is why we provide options catering to all those budgets.

How Much Can Impact Windows Withstand?

Your impact windows can withstand quite the amount of pressure and impact. These windows can withstand storms and winds going up to 200 miles per hour. In the event that any debris hits your windows, the impact windows will assist your windows by not breaking, the power of the impact windows can handle the hit without any damage to your windows. The added protection added to your windows will keep the glass from breaking and shattering, possibly being a danger to you and everyone in your building.

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