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Fire Rated Doors

affordable fire rated doors services

Fire rated doors are fairly popular amongst both residential and commercial building owners. Fire rated doors is a sort of fire resistant to delay the spread of the fire through your home or business. Fire rated doors slows down your fire and the smoke throughout the home or your business. We highly recommend having fire rated doors installed in your home as a safety precaution as fire rated doors have saved many lives and can help you in the event of an unexpected fire breakout.

Fire Rated Door Maintenance

Our Fire rated door maintenance service is available to all those with fire rated doors installed in the Fort Lauderdale area. We will ensure that your door has no holes, damages or any faults of any kind. We will assess your door and ensure they are in a good condition. This may seem unnecessary however there are certain aspects of these doors that require specifications that cannot be faulted in order to work correctly. Our team will assess and provide feedback to all our clients with the outcome before proceeding with the maintenance of your fire rated doors.

Fire Rated Door Repairs

We repair any damages to your fire rated doors, unless they are deemed in repairable. We will try and find all the possible solutions before we give up on repairing your fire rated door. No matter the challenges our clients have faced us with; we ensure that the results are satisfactory and innovative. We have a team of experienced technicians who know what they are doing. We are proud to have our team in the field providing services to our clients new and our loyal clients. We can assess the damage of your door by simply scheduling an appointment for us to come out and review the damage.

Fire Rated Doors Installation

We will install your fire rated doors in your homes and businesses, our punctual team will come out and have your new fire rated doors installed. Whether it is during construction or possibly upgrading the doors you currently have installed. We make sure that all our clients are happy with the results of our services that we provide. We love hearing feedback from our clients once our installation service has been provided, new or loyal client, it’s always good to hear back from our clients and this helps us know what we could make better for our next service.

Do I Need a Fire Rated Door?

Having fire rated doors installed in your homes or businesses is a great safety precaution. Safety is one of our main concerns and goals, to keep the residents of Fort Lauderdale safe, by installing and ensuring that their fire rated doors are in good conditions. We encourage everyone to have fire rated doors, you never know, they are good fire controllers and manages to delay the fire and smoke from spreading throughout your home or business. If you want to know more about how fire rated doors could benefit you, contact us today for more information.

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